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Treatment & Surgery for TMJ Pain

Temporal Mandibular Jaw is a misalignment of the jaw that can cause a person to grind or clench their teeth involuntarily. Sometimes the symptoms of TMJ go away, without any treatment. In some cases a mouth guard to prevent tooth damage can be worn at night. In some cases a shot of cortisol in the joint can alleviate the pain associated with TMJ.

Temporal Mandibular Jaw Treatment Options

In extreme cases of TMJ, surgery might be an option to correct the structural alignment of the jaw at the joint. Our team of dentists and oral surgeons will help you make an informed decision about how to and if treatment or surgery is the best strategy to help you with your TMJ. Contact our team today for details and more information or to schedule an appointment.


"Everything went as planned on the day of surgery and I felt like I was out for maybe 5 minutes. Dr. Scheive did a great job. I felt great afterwards and my recovery was extremely smooth."
- Amanda S.

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