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Tooth Extractions in Bloomingdale, Lombard & Wheaton, IL

Since 1978, Dr. Boyer and Dr. Scheive have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to safely and more efficiently manage your pain and your oral health with comfortable tooth extraction. Call us today to schedule a consultation to find the best solution, and if necessary, a tooth extraction might be the solution to your oral health.

Tooth extraction can alleviate the pain and pressure of overcrowding and enhance the look of your overall smile. Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary when overcrowding of your teeth can be an aesthetic as well as a practical measure to help your bite alignment and chewing as a critical component of eating and in the digestion process of your food. Wisdom teeth can erupt in sometimes precarious positions, sometimes even horizontally.


"Scheduling the appointment for the extraction was quick and easy. The day of, I was extremely nervous and informed Dr. Boyer and his assistant and they reassured me that it wouldn't take that long and told me stories to keep my mind off worrying."
- Kimberly F.

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Sometimes a tooth can become decayed and infected to the point that it becomes a dangerous carrier to the other remaining teeth in your mouth. Rather than spread the tooth decay and infect the other teeth in your mouth and risk sacrificing other teeth, an extraction can solve the problem efficiently and with little discomfort.

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Tooth Extraction - dental extraction in Bloomingdale, IL